Coloured chocolate cartridges

Pack of 6 coloured chocolate cartridges (blue, pink and yellow) wholly natural to supply the Pandacolor pastry pen ( sold separately). Make it melt in the pastry pen using the micro-wave oven following the instructions or in a bain-marie. This coloured chocolate enables you to bring an original and coloured touch to your desserts by writing or drawing in color.

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The coloured chocolate cartridges are composed of wholly natural ingredients : no colorant/dye, no preservative, no palm oil, hydrogeneated oil. Pandacolor uses green plant extracts with a subtle and pleasant taste which does not alter the chocolate's one.

Ingredients : white chocolate top (cane sugar, cocoa butter, powder milk), coloring foodstuff (concentrate of spirulina, apple, lemon, radish, blackcurrant).

* from biological agriculture.

May contain traces of nuts, soya, milk.

Keep away from light and humidity once opened.


Instructions :

1. Remove the top of the pastry pen, put the chocolate cartridge, close the pen and put it in the micro-vave oven following the instructions below :

Warning : never exceed a power of 450W in the micro-vave oven.


At 450W : put it on for 1 minute, shake it and replace it for 30 .

At 300W : put it on for 1 min, shake it and replace it for 1 min.


In automatic operating, put it on for 30s, shake it and replace it. Repeat the process three times.

If the power is not known, choose the weakest position. 

Once hot, press several times on the pen to make the chocolate out, then use it. If the chocolate  doesn't flow correclty, or if the tap is opened, replace it for 20s at the same power (repeat the process if necessary).


*These lengths are indications and may vary depending on the microvave oven. You may have to adapt them.

IngrédientsChocolat pur beurre cacao

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